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Teaching & Training Facilities

Teaching spaces:

1. Lecture Galleries: There are a number of Lecture galleries and Halls in College and Hospital –

          a. Salam Lecture Gallery

          b. Barket Lecture Gallery

          c. Sutapa Lecture Hall

          d. Jabbar Lecture Gallery

2. Tutorial Rooms: 30 10. Autopsy Morgue: 1

11. Wards and their associated teaching corners and seminar rooms: 34


“Shimu Granthagar” the main college library is located in the western block of the college building. Extended over two stories, it consists of a reference for the use of the faculty and doctors of the College and Hospital. International medical journals are regularly being received through donations from the British Council, the Asia Foundation and WHO. Journals are also being received from the National Health Library and Documentation Center (NHLDC), Dhaka.

There are two reading rooms with an accommodation of about 120 students. They can borrow text and other books to read on the reading room of the library as well on a take home basis for a limited period. All the students of CMC are members of the British Council Library and each of them can Borrow maximum four books at a time and keep them for as long as six months. This provides an excellent opportunity for our students to access to modern medical text books of their own liking.

The college library has a collection of over 26000 volumes of text books – about 2800 titles. Besides, there is a collection of about 1000 slides used as teaching aid by the teachers.
Our Library is also providing modern internet access facilities.

Medical Skill Centre

The centre is located at the 5th floor of the Hospital beside the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It offers excellent facilities to the students to practice skills on different clinical activities. Among the facilities available are mannequins, dummies, a variety of equipments and instruments, electronic audio-visual training aids like closed circuit television connected to the operation-theater rooms, video cassette recording and replaying facilities, public address system movies, still cameras, slide and movie projectors and so on. Tastefully decorated and richly equipped, this centre is a pride addition to the repertoire of the teachers to the teachers to impart effective practical teaching to their students.