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Soharawardy is openning cmch
Since 1957 Chittagong Medical College has been vowed for ‘Shaping to true Professionals’ in the field of Health Manpower Department with the prime institutional objective of “Learning for Serving” that has been molding over the time customized to the need of the nation and beyond in text and spirit as follows:

 ‘To produce doctors who possess adequate knowledge, skill and attitude to practice in the community without reducing their ability for subsequent professional training in any field of medicine. They must be able to identify and manage health problems at individual, family, group and community levels. they must be able to communicate pleasantly and effectively with their colleagues irrespective of their nature of specialties and with the patients irrespective of their nature of illness, and develop a capturing for continuing life-long medical education to produce post graduate doctors who can work in community as well as in secondary and tertiary level hospitals.

 To achieve the capacity in utilizing the scope of a Doctor


To be efficient enough to fulfill the expectations of patients:
 a. Want to be listened to and be understood
 b. Want doctors to be interested in them as fellow human being
 c. Want appropriate professional competence
 d. Want to be reasonably informed
 e. Want not to be abandoned
                             --- Cecil


 Be smart enough to be a Five star Doctor
 1. Care giver
 2. Decision maker
 3. Communicator
 4. Community leader
 5. Manager
                             --- Bolean
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