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Soharawardy is openning cmch 
Chittagong Medical College Hospital was established at the present site in 1960 with only 120 beds and the outpatient services. At that time the young hospital housed only the Departments of Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics. Chittagong Hospital Housed the department of Medicine and allied specialties still 1969 and thereafter it remained affiliated with Chittagong Medical College Hospital as one of its teaching hospitals.

 Construction of the present purpose-built six-storied CMCH was completed in 1969, which now accommodates all the clinical Departments including all their subspecialties. The hospital, which had a capacity of 500 beds initially, gradually increased its strength to 750 and finally to 1000. It runs big outpatient departments in the specialties like Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Skin and venereal diseases, Clinical Pathology, General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatric Surgery, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Radiotherapy, Radiology and Dentistry with an average turnover in excess of 2000 a day The independent turnover in the year 1999 was about 50,000. Over 18,000 surgical operations were performed in that year.

 As years passed by, new treatement facilities kept being added and at present a Nuclear Medicine Centre for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, a Coronary care unit, an endoscopy Unit, a kidney dialyzing unit, a Model Family Planning Centre, a Centre for Extended Program for Immunisation (EPI) are among the many facilities available to the in- and outpatients.

 Affiliated Hospital
 The following hospitals and health centres of Chittagong area are affiliated to Chittagong Medical College and CMCH for the purpose of extending teaching and research facilities to the students as well as for referral purposes for the patients-
 1. Infactious Diseases Hospital, Fouzdarhat
 2. T.B. Hospital, Fouzdarhar
 3. Chittagong General Hospital, Anderkilla
 4. Bangladesh Institute of Tropical and Infections Deseases, Fouzdarhat
 5. Nursing College, Fouzdarhat
 6. Institute of Health Technology, Fouzderhat
 7. Chittagong Port Authority Hospital, Bandar
 8. Mirsharai Thana Health Complex, Mirsharai
 9. Raozan Thana Health Complex, Raozan
 10. Cox’s Bazar Malaria Centre, Cox’s Bazar.

 Nurses Training Centre (NTC) at CMCH
 The NTC building Stands at the Southwest corner of the hospital building inside the main campus. It houses a Nursing School with residential arrangement and recreational facilities for the Trainee Nurses and the staff Nurses serving at the CMCH. The nursing school was established in 1963. It runs a four-year Diploma in nursing course with an annual intake of 50 trainee nurses. B.Sc (nursing) course introduced in 2007.
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