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The Only Medical College Praised by the Father of the nation
It is not known exactly when and how the practice of the western medicine started in Chittagong, the extreme southeastern part of the Indian Peninsula. No reliable information is available before the establishment in 1901 of a 200-bed “Chittagong General Hospital” over a hilltop at the downtown Anderkillah overlooking the river Karnafuli- the only modern hospital in the region at the time. This hospital served the entire population of Chittagong Division.

 With the passage of time it was felt necessary to enhance healthcare facilities as well as the quality of healthcare. Consequently, a four-year Licentiate course in Medicine was introduced in the subcontinent to produce sufficient number of mid-level physician to serve mainly the rural population. The institutes that conducted this course were called “Medical School”. One such institution, Chittagong Medical School, was established in Chittagong in 1927.

  In 1956, the after government decided to establish a medical college in Chittagong. It was to be the second of such institution after Dhaka Medical College established eight years earlier in 1948, in the Eastern province of the erstwhile Pakistan, which later on went on to emerge as the independent state of Bangladesh in 1971. In 1957, the Chittagong medical College came into being. Befittingly, this instruction has earned the admiration of all by actively participating in the great Liberation war of BANGLADESH in 1971. Many students and teachers of this college fought gallantly to significantly contribute towards achieving the final Victory.
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