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Extra Curriculer Activities

The Dental Unit:

The Dental Unit of the Chittagong Medical College was established on January 5, 1990 in the College premises. Twenty students are admitted every year since then. Housed in the western block, it runs a full-fledged outdoor Department.

Nurses Training Centre

The NTC building Stands at the Southwest corner of the hospital building inside the main campus. It houses a Nursing School with residential arrangement and recreational facilities for the Trainee Nurses and the staff Nurses serving at the CMCH. The nursing school was established in 1963. It runs a four-year Diploma in nursing course with an annual intake of 50 trainee nurses. B.Sc (nursing) course introduced in 2007.
The Vice-President and the General Secretary of the Students’ Union. This body monitors and maintains control of the campus in order to ensure a smooth progress of the academic activities. It also refers the disciplinary matters to the Disciplinary Committee to take disciplinary actions against those who violate any rule or regulation of the college or of discipline.

Note Please

The centre for Medical Education (CME) is responsible for designing a curriculum for the courses in accordance with the guidelines provided by BMDC, to be approved by the Ministry of Health and family welfare. The principal of the college with the faculty implement it. The curriculum is adopted by the Committee of Courses and Studies appointed by the Faculty of Medicine, Chittagong University.