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Clinical Teaching:

Number of bed as available for clinical teaching at CMCH:

1. Medicine and allied specialties :  390

2. Surgery and allied specialties :   370

3. Obstetrics and gynecology :     170

Teaching beds are also available outside CMCH in other affiliated hospital.

4. Infectious Diseases Hospital : 100
5. T.B. Hospital : 50
6. Chittagong General Hospital : 100
7. Chittagong Port Authority Hospital : 150
8. Chittagong Railway Hospital : 60
9. Bangladesh National Society for the : 110
10. Blind (BNSN) Eye Infirmary and Training Centre

Autopsy facilities

Due to religious traditions, autopsies are not carried out routinely in all hospital deaths. Only the medicolegal autopsies are performed by the department of forensic medicine with the help of the department of pathology whenever needed. A student has to attend at least 10 autopsies under supervision of a teacher during the period of second professional MBBS study.

BMDC Registration:

BMDC Registration is a mandatory pre-requisite for all types of practice, job and profession. Both after Graduation and Post Graduation all the Doctors must register him/her-self in BMDC. Practice without registration is punishable as per law.