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Front View of the College
Chittagong Medical College started its journey on August 6, 1957 when Hussain Shaeed Suhrawardy the then Prime Minister of Pakistan inaugurated this Grand Inaugurated this Grand Institution. Mr. Dhiren Dutta the contemporary Health Minister along with Dr. Altaf Uddin Ahmed the first Principal of the new Medical College witnessed with others the beginning of a milestone in the history of the Medical education of the country.

 Starting with only three academic department viz. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, the first batch of 76 students and 26 teachers, this humble institution was destined to rank among the national giants in the years to be. Chittagong Medical School was than closed down but initially Chittagong General Hospital went on providing the infrastructure for clinical Teaching. Subsequently the paraclinical Departments of Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and community Medicine were established. So did the clinical Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics. Late in 1989 the departments of Physiology and pathology were split to establish the Departments of Biochemistry and Microbiology respectively.

 Chittagong Medical College the second oldest medical college of Bangladesh was established in 1957. Located in the Port City, Chittagong of Bangladesh, about 250 km south-east of the capital Dhaka, on the bank of the river Karnafuli overlooking the Bay of Bengal. The College Campus has a picturesque hilly setting occupying about 0.37 million square meters (equivalent to about 100 acres in local measure) land area. The attached Chittagong Medical College Hospital caters for the medical need of over 3 million people living in an area covering about 50,000 Square km.

 The Dental Unit
 The Dental Unit of the Chittagong Medical College was established on January 5, 1990 in the College premises. Twenty students are admitted every year since then. Housed in the western block, it runs a full-fledged outdoor Department.
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