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Other Associations

Chittagong Medical College Teachers Association

Chittagong Medical College Teachers Association is a scientific social organization of the teachers of Chittagong Medical College that has been established in 1986 through a consensus charter of an adopted constitution and by-laws.

CMCTA organizes social and scientific programs for the teachers, runs regular journal clubs with updating activities and regularly publishes JCMCTA, an official journal of the Organization.

Chattagram Medical College Prakton Chatra Samity

This is the elected body of the alumni of Chittagong Medical College. This organization continuingly keeps the linkage between the institute and the alumni of this Institute and periodically organizes reunions.

Alumni of Chittagong Medical College Also arranges scholarships for students, books, journals and appliances for the College. In addition, there are two associations of Alumni working overseas: i) CMC Alumni of North America and ii) CMC Alumni of United Kingdom.

Publications of the Institute

There are four regular official publication organs of the institute providing novelty media for articles of scientific as well literary domains as per respective editorial policies.

1. The Journal of Chittagong Medical College Teachers Association (JCMCTA) is the official scientific organ of the teachers of Chittagong Medical College. this publication is regular, one volume with two numbers in a year, and is an indexed journal by BMDC.

2. The annual Magazine of the Chittagong Medical College Students Union is an annually assorted publication mainly of literary contents of the students of Chittagong Medical College.

3. “Suparna” an annual magazine regularly published by the “Swaraswati Puja Udjapan Committee”, CMC.

4. The Year Book of Medicine is the annual documentation of the activities of Medicine and allied subspecialties.

5. Prospectus CMC 2007 (4th Edition)

6. Revised prospectus CMC 2007 (4th Edition)

7. Revised prospectus CMC 2008 (5th Edition)