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Accommodation facilities

Students Accommodation

The main Boy's Hotel is situated in the southeastern flank of the campus. While it is a good furlong away form the college. The ladies Hotel, named "Kanta Chattri Nibas", stands right next to it. There are two outlying Male Hostels too, which go by the names of "Lutfus Salam Hostel" and "Hafizullah Bashir Hostel" at Nasirabad area. Accommodation facilities in these hostels are as follow:

Ladies Hostels:

    1. Kanta Chatri Nibas

        A Block: 144

        B Block: 162

        C Block: 84 (Ready for grand opening)

    2. Dilruba Hostel: 40

Hostel for Male Students

  The main male Hostel is divided into five block: 


         i. Zakir Block (A): 128

         ii. Sadik Block (B): 120

         iii. Jashim Block (C): 128

         iv. East Block (D): 96

         v. West Block (E): 96

         vi. Lutfus Salam: 35

         vii. Hafizulla Bashir: 45


Please Note:

The College is not bound to provide hostel accommodation to the students. However, it may offer this facility to the deserving and soliciting students on first come first serve basis. The priorities are based on students from outside the city, academic merit, regularity in study, good conduct etc. Application needs to be made after admission. Rules and regulations are maintained strictly and defaulting may result in serious disciplinary action by the college authority, including cancellation of the seat or other penalties. The allotted students must keep allotment letter with them in the hostel, otherwise law enforcing agency can be active.